Software resources that are transforming the future of learning and can help your school or institution.

Technological innovations have driven the surge of the edtech industry. Recently learning technology has been massively adopted into the traditional curriculum, especially post-pandemic to supplement school learning and has been critically successful thanks to its capacity for creativity, efficiency in managing and delivery of content and active progress tracking possibilities converging to make education fun, accessible and engaging like never before.


Aspects to consider

  • Be it classroom-based learning, online learning or hybrid learning – managing the attendance system has always been an administrative hassle. The attendance management software for educational institutions reduces manual errors in students and teachers’ attendance by registering daily reports for faculty and students with instant communication of day-to-day attendance via SMS or email to parents.

  • Track the entire life cycle of students through enrollment by customizing their acquisition through parameters and automating the entire student enrollment procedure till onboarding after which the student fee management process is regulated with coverage on scholarships and automated invoice reminders etc.

  • For colleges offering multiple courses and electives, educational software handles all the tasks from displaying course specifications to requirements and registration with course calendar for the students and attendance tracking for the same.

  • In the pure academic sense, you can now automate entire curriculums with examinations, tests, quizzes, homework and assignments for each grade/course and present reports accessible to guardians and students. The reporting system also enables educational institutions to gain insights into a student’s academic progress and make impactful changes.

LMS & Interactive Learning

   A Learning Management System (LMS) is an online integrated software used for creating, delivering, tracking, managing and organizing educational materials online and conducting online courses. The utility of LMS lies in the fact that it can be used for a sort of learning environment and can provide educators a platform to organize their course content and monitor student learning while also ensuring interactive additions to learning with most LMS platforms offering easy integration with various online learning tools. It also allows teachers and administrators to generate necessary reports of learning.


   There are a rich variety of software providers which bring you the best of all the aspects mentioned in this write-up and what’s more interesting is that the Edtech industry has options that provide multiple such features in singular packages which added to the improved productivity and engagement offers scalable solutions to educational institutions to use software for their advantage.

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