Meeting management software for productive virtual meetings in the modern workforce

With the tremendous rise of remote jobs, businesses like never before are reliant on virtual meetings. Cisco reported that 37% of employee time is spent in meetings. The use of software in planning and guiding team meetings to ensure meetings are productive is the best solution to efficiently utilize the 'meeting minutes'.

What is it all about?

   Meeting management software helps individuals and teams plan, organize, record, create, search and maintain important information and allocate task-based, agenda run meetings for productive and efficient time utilization. The meeting management software should be able to provide meeting optimizing features and functionalities like creating tasks, recording the video, discussion and interaction operations, multitasking on platform and its primary role of scheduling, reminding and organizing meetings.

Who Should it Concern?

  • Large companies with employees from similar areas of expertise working from different locations

  • Companies working with multiple remote/work-from-home employees

  • Businesses scattered across time-zones

  • Looking for much than just meeting management

What Managers and Top Executives look for

  • Calendar out of the picture – the automated meeting software should be able to track and schedule meetings within its repository without the organizer having to prompt the details on calendars or spreadsheets

  • Adding people, managing invites and requests – The software should be able to collect and store attendee information with functionality to send and receive invites.

  • Recording features – many virtual video conference software have recording features, meeting management software is expected to be a step further and have capability to incorporate digital notes, track meeting minutes and seamlessly provide participants with the recorded details whenever required.

  • Meeting Reports and Assessment – the meeting management software should be able to produce meeting effectiveness details and provide automated reports generation. This is to assess the productivity of the meeting in relation to the set agenda.

Our Reasons to Try a Meeting Management Software

   The meeting management software can in essence help you plan ahead for routine meetings and the tools help you program multiple aspects in just a few clicks like organize a meeting, set meeting agenda, add meeting preparation material or references to be used, sent automated alerts to participants on set date and time, receive requests and RSVP info from attendees and so much more. The effectiveness to manage large meeting data by enabling recording, digital notes and reporting is also an impressive feature which can help with the meeting quality. The security option which is not talked about a lot in meetings is another factor which lets you have confidential discussions and share sensitive information when having to work online with your employees is a big positive. Meeting management software surely answers most questions on increasing productivity of meeting minutes.

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