GST Software List of 2023 According to a GST Expert

GST Software List of 2023 According to a GST Expert

Welcome to a helpful guide about the best accounting software for small businesses in 2023, specially designed to deal with GST. According to the Goods and Services Tax Council, as of September 2023, the number of businesses liable to pay the goods and service tax under the “normal taxpayer” category consisted of more than 12.2 million taxpayers. Understanding GST can be tricky for small businesses, but with the right software, it becomes much easier. In this list, put together by a GST expert, we introduce the most user-friendly GST software options for 2023. These picks not only make things simple but also have features that suit the specific needs of GST compliance. Whether you're just starting out or have been in business for a while, this guide aims to help you find the perfect GST software list of 2023, so your finances can run smoothly in the ever-changing tax world.

# GST Problems and Solutions in Retail

GST Problems and Solutions in Manufacturing

* Retail Industry Specific Problems:

- Inventory Management: Retailers often struggle with keeping track of their inventory levels accurately, leading to overstocking or stockouts.

- Complex Pricing Structures: Pricing can be intricate due to factors like discounts, promotions, and varying tax rates, which can be challenging to manage manually.

* How GST Software Helps:

- Automated Pricing Calculations: The software handles complex pricing structures effortlessly, ensuring accurate product pricing, including taxes.

- Effective CRM Tools: The software may include customer management features, helping in maintaining relationships, managing loyalty programs, and offering insights into customer preferences.

- Software which will Tackle the Problem: 

For this problem, MIS Reporting Tool for Tally comes to your rescue. Tally Connector is a Tally Prime reporting tool which is an accounting software for small business. It has a simple Tally Server connectivity. It gathers all necessary data for functions such as Finance, Accounts, Inventory, and so on. Tally Data Extractor BI Tool The connector also allows for selective data draw. It retrieves information from Tally Server Reporting Tool for Tally Prime- Data Storage. It also saves the extracted data in an industry standard data format. It enables data exchange with other data sources, such as data from other systems or products in use. 

# GST Problems and Solutions in Manufacturing

GST Problems and Solutions in Wholesale and Distribution

* Manufacturing Industry Specific Problems:

- Bill of Materials and Complex Pricing: Manufacturers deal with intricate bills of materials, and calculating GST for each component in a product can be time-consuming and error-prone.

> Keeping track of input taxes paid on raw materials and other inputs, and accurately claiming ITC can be complex, impacting profitability.

* How GST Software Helps:

- Automated GST Calculations for Production: The software streamlines GST calculations for production, factoring in bills of materials, and ensuring accurate taxation for each component.

It helps in tracking and managing input taxes, simplifying the process of claiming ITC, which can significantly impact the bottom line.

- Software which will Tackle the Problem:

FinWay Panel is one of the most sought-after manufacturing software. With the expansion of operations and the sales staff, it is critical to be kept up to speed on the status of payments as they come in. Payment gateways will reject a transaction or international payments will be delayed. With the FinWay payment management solution designed by the Rapid Collaborate team, you will have complete control over your payment status. Users can feature payments in the payment management system, and the accounts team will approve the payments for upcoming allocations.

# GST Problems and Solutions in Wholesale and Distribution

GST Problems and Solutions in Wholesale and Distribution

* Wholesale and Distribution Industry-Specific Problems:

- Complex Supply Chains:
Wholesale and distribution often involve multiple parties, making it challenging to track and manage GST accurately, especially when goods pass through various hands before reaching the end consumer.

- B2B Transactions: Serving other businesses involves different GST considerations compared to B2C transactions. Managing invoices and ensuring GST compliance for business-to-business sales can be intricate.

* How GST Software Helps:

The software automates the calculation of GST, considering the intricacies of supply chains and different GST rates, ensuring accurate taxation at every stage.

It helps businesses navigate the process of claiming GST credits and refunds, reducing the administrative burden and ensuring they receive the benefits they're entitled to.

- Software which will Tackle the Problem:

Hitech BillSoft can help you with wholesale and distribution. Hitech is an ISO 9001:2015 certified billing software firm that serves clients and offers a variety of products for small and growing businesses like ours. Hitech has assisted millions of traders and startups in growing their businesses and making more money since 2002.

# GST Problems and Solutions in Professional Services

GST Problems and Solutions in Wholesale and Distribution

*  Professional Services Industry-Specific Problems:

Professional service providers often offer a range of services, each with its own tax implications, making it complex to track and manage GST for different offerings.

Professionals bill clients based on billable hours or project completion, and managing this process efficiently while ensuring accurate GST calculations can be time-consuming.

* How GST Software Helps:

- Service-Based Tax Calculations: The software can differentiate between various services, automatically applying the correct GST rates to invoices based on the nature of the service provided.

- Time-Tracking Integration: Many GST software solutions can integrate with time-tracking tools, streamlining the process of billing clients based on billable hours while accurately applying GST.

* Software which will Tackle the Problem:

UBooks is a software which can help you do this. Adaequare Info Pvt Ltd's subsidiary is Udyog Software. Adaequare is an ISO 27001-certified company as well as a GSP (Government-appointed GST Suvidha Provider). This is one of the most essential software which can help you in professional services. 

# GST Problems and Solutions in E-Commerce

GST Problems and Solutions in Wholesale and Distribution

* E-Commerce Industry Specific Problems:
E-commerce companies must navigate through complex and frequently changing tax laws, as they often cater to customers across different regions and countries, each with its tax requirements.

International sales bring the added complexity of currency exchange, import/export taxes, and differing tax rates, making it challenging to accurately calculate taxes on cross-border transactions.

E-commerce businesses typically sell through various online platforms, each with its rules and tax systems, adding layers of complexity to accounting and tax compliance.

* How GST Software Helps:

The software automates the calculation of taxes, even for cross-border transactions, ensuring that the correct taxes are applied to each sale, regardless of the customer's location.

It can integrate with various E-Commerce platforms and centralize tax management, simplifying the process of complying with different tax regulations from one dashboard.

Many E-Commerce GST software solutions offer currency conversion features, allowing businesses to handle international transactions seamlessly.

* Software which will Tackle the Problem:

GST Billing Software can help you with this. We at Qmarksoft, commonly known as Qmarks, are constantly striving to improve our product and service quality so that you may manage your business with ease. Our technical team is always ready to assist you with your task. Our main goal is to give complete satisfaction to our customers.  

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up our look at the best GST software list of 2023, chosen by a GST expert, it's clear that having the right accounting software for small businesses can make a big difference.

According to the Goods and Services Tax Council, as of September 2023, there are over 1.5 crore registered businesses under GST in India. Hence, these special tools not only make dealing with GST rules easier but also come with important features that help small businesses handle their money matters better. They can automatically figure out taxes and make reporting simpler. As we start this new financial year, this list of GST software for 2023 is like a helpful guide for small businesses, offering a smoother path to financial success.
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1. Is there any free GST account software available in India?
Ans. Yes, there are possibilities for free GST accounting software in India.

2. Does the GST affect online sellers?
Ans. Yes, GST does affect online sellers as they need to comply with GST regulations for their sales.

3. What is the best invoicing software for service companies?
Ans. The best invoicing software for service companies may vary, but popular options include QuickBooks, Zoho Invoice, and FreshBooks.

4. What are the benefits of GST software?
Ans. The benefits of GST software include streamlined tax compliance, accurate invoicing, improved record-keeping, and simplified reporting.

5. Do we need new software for billing because of GST?
Ans. It depends on the existing software's capability; some businesses may need to update or integrate GST features, while others may require entirely new billing software for GST compliance.


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