Teamonline is a Field Force Automation Software for any on field Team. This software solves the key pain area of the management of the field team i.e. monitoring the work done by the remote teams in credible fashion. Today the management team is dependent on the excel sheets received from the field team for their DCR (Daily Call Report). The authenticity of these DCR is always questionable. TeamOnline provides with a mobile App which will Record all calls done by the team, Will record all the visit calls done by the team and track the employee movement live. It will also automatically generate DCR and tells management, effective time spent on the marketing activity, also generate travel allowance details automatically from the geo-tracking function of the Mobile App.
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TeamOnline Field Force Automation
TeamOnline - Field Force Automation
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Creation of Database for Target Customers Designing Campaign to reach out to these Target Customers. This Campaign can be -Mass Mailing, Mass eMailing, Mass SMS, Tele-calling, Cold Calls Provision to records all outgoing calls Provision to On-site validate the visit call by Clicking Photos at the visit location using mobile app. The latitude, longitude and time of the visit is recorded in Team Online software.  Online Movement tracking of the on-field force. Petrol / travel allowance can be automatically calculated using the distance travelled Provision of sending Mass promotional emails & SMS Provision of printing mailing label list Provision for Sign-in and Sign-out from work using mobile app Automatic generation of DCR (Daily call reports) Graphical MIS and performance and work throughput analysis of each on field employee and team as a whole Provision of audio recording the entire meeting. Capturing meeting start & Finish time. Provision to record activities such as internal meeting, Training, Self-learning, waiting for purpose of Auto Time Sheet Graphical view of daily activity of each on field employee. Provision to see the Assigned target and Achieved Target

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